Collection Overview

LFD takes on classic urban silhouettes, making use of graphic art work as speculative and boldly exploratory. This collection redefines classic fits for the future youth.

This collection observes the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. A narrative that has been contemplated by many and is up for examination as to how the human being came to be. We still ask ourselves, what the meaning of life is? Why are we here? What is our purpose? And where did humanity and the human spirit originate from? Our speculation of this has become more recognized, because of the advent of social media and the internet. Further, it has become popular conversation and belief that alien existence is somehow related to ours or that we live in a simulation of some sort. This collection explores these beliefs that have become commonplace in contemporary culture.


By combining male unruliness and female femininity we create unisex designs that awaken your personality and deliver unyielding and relaxing vibes. Our custom streetwear clothing pieces express the hottest street fashion trends. These “forbidden fruits” will make you walk down the street feeling sexy and confident.

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