Custom Streetwear For YOU

Custom Streetwear by LFD Fashion


It’s not about what the world tells you to wear. And it’s not about the colors that are hot in the right season. It’s about how the clothes make you feel. It’s about how your soul fits comfortably. It’s about the feeling of freedom. And it’s also about breakthroughs: stepping away from the traditional just enough to be on the edge of sexy, cool and confident. LFD Fashion (Le Fruit Défendu NYC) is combining forceful unisex styles with modern elements. We gave up the commonly-seen flowers, characters and patterns and went for the unexpected bats, snakes and butterflies. Every detail is full of ingenuity and surprises are hidden in detail.

LFD Fashion (Le Fruit Défendu NYC) creates designs and custom pieces for different groups and organizations. Two of our custom design works are PUBG and League of Legend, most popular games in the world at the moment, gaming club team clothes. If you’re in need of custom streetwear for your team’s uniform, contact us for cooperation.See More Case Study Here!!


Styling Advice For Your Coolest Look

Are you in need of personalized styling advice? Tons of professional designers behind your screen will help you understand your true style and find your way to expressing your soul through fashion. Our style advice is based on who you are and what you like. Of course, we keep our custom streetwear style in mind while helping you out. You can get your custom streetwear design with us and be the only exclusive owner of the clothes.

If you wake up every morning with the horrifying thought of “what am I going to wear today” then it’s time to pull out the big guns and let our designers style you.

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