Brand story

Open The Bible tooled in gold, and you can find that god created all of life in five days. On the sixth day, Adam emerged with a handful of dust. Then Eve surfaced from a limb of Adam’s body. Living in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were seduced by the serpent to steel the fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge” against the god’s decree. Succumbing to the desire to break the rules, the two take a bite of the “forbidden fruit”, a harvest of nature known as the source of all evils and hardships. With this, they are expelled from the Garden of Eden.

“LE FRUIT DEFUNDU” means the “forbidden fruit”. It is not an original sin of religion; it represents the nature of our primitive nature to seek new things. Now, as descendants of Adam and Eve, we fight to find ourselves. To this day, many people struggle to meet their other half. When confronted with a showcase of LFD, we are freed to finally see our true selves in an innovative form of dress.

Through personalized design, LE FRUIT DE FENDU tells consumers that “a great soul is a hermaphrodite.” Sex is an attribute rather than a shackle. When the tag of sex is peeled off, the girl with a firm look and the boy with a gentle gaze leave their stereotyped image behind and enter a new land where unisex style manifests, uniting all to revel in their truest forms.

Forbidden fruit- Adam and Eve

Services and Product

Every season, we explore a new corner of streetwear. Our label creates original collections of unisex clothing that survey the latest trends in an impactful way. Here are the upcoming launches that will be making their way to our online and physical stores soon:

We also offer custom streetwear to allow our customers the freedom to personalize their vision.

Brand introduction

Our world today is awakening with personal awareness. Evolving along this path is unisex design—a groundbreaking trend in the fashion world. One’s sex is no longer a pattern in the process. LFD is pioneering this new realm, blending different elements of each sex to create an advanced sense of street-smart style.

Design Concept

As a revolutionary brand of streetwear fashion, LE FRUIT DEFENDU gathers the “unruliness” of males and the “femininity” of females into a landscape where the “hermaphrodite” rules as the design concept. Through this unique mixture of elements, LFD halts the guise of established design, leaves behind conventional characteristics, and brings to life a new form of dress—one that’s ahead of its time and belongs to no singular gender.

Our Quality

Quality constitutes the soul of a brand. In order to demonstrate the highest quality, LFD only uses top-class fabrics and high-level technology in a top-to-bottom production chain. By setting up our own cloth, print, and garment plants, we create every design with complete authenticity. At the same time, oriented to the global market, LFD has cooperated with online and offline dealers, in China or abroad. Our operation model guarantees sustainability and market value through a stable sales channel.

Our Customer

To young consumers, clothes have gradually become an external reflection of their personality. The pursuit of public aesthetic has become a longing of the past.

LE FRUIT DEFENDU seizes this new yearning through streetwear styles that are affordable, high-quality, and unfold striking characteristics that stand out from the rest.

Our Team

In New York City, LE FRUIT DEFENDU has a globally recognized team of designers looking right outside their windows at the source of streetwear culture.

We also partner with creatives who travel to Europe and Japan to collect inspiration, while our photography team shoots in Tokyo, capturing every garment in the most imaginative ways.

Brand advantages

  • LFD is located in New York and Los Angeles, where the street culture is popular.
  • LFD has an independent team of designers in NYC who adapt the most current and globally renowned trends in streetwear culture.
  • LFD partners with international art directors located in Paris and France who capture moving moments of fashion across the globe.
  • LFD owns their own fabric, printing, and cooperative factories at home and abroad.
  • LFD cooperates with online and offline dealers at home and abroad to create an integrated plan of development.
  • LFD channels multi-media platforms for promotion from the US, China and Japan.

Brand founder

It all began with a young girl and her passion for making a statement in fashion. She is Serena Yang, founder and CEO of LE FRUIT DEFENDU. Graduating from the Economics Department of Kyoto University, one of the top 30 universities in the world, Serena had a promising future in the financial industry. Living in Tokyo, Serena loved to explore the shopping districts of the city, where style came to life as a true form of art. Inspired by these environments of expression, she decided to step away from finance and walk into a career in fashion.

Right away, Serena landed a role as the market and sales manager of Christian Dior. While becoming acquainted with fashion buyers, directors, and so on in the industry, Serena began to rethink the meaning of fashion. She realized that one’s personal style is so much more than high-end name brands and the latest trends—it’s the business of communication that’s the core existence of fashion.

Serena Yang immediately applied to Brandeis University, one of the best financial universities in the United States, won its MBA global leadership scholarship and became the youngest MBA of Brandeis University. America was Serena’s next stop, where she launched her streetwear brand, LE FRUIT DEFENDU. This French phrase translates to “forbidden fruit” in English, symbolizing a primitive spirit of acting upon desire.

To Serena Yang, life is a journey with different possibilities. It is a tantalizing fruit which is worth people’s efforts and adventure. Yang has built a team of top-notch designers, exported culture of her label through social networks, and continuously works with art directors, PR agencies, and planners to execute her vision. The girl who once just enjoyed shopping as a hobby ignored the doubt of others and redefined fashion with her own courage.