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Fashion Bloggers Over 50 Le Fruit Défendu

5 Fashion Bloggers Over 50 years Old: Carmen Anton, Renata Jazdzyk, Sylvia Collela and others.

June 09, 2019

5 fashion bloggers over 50 years old: Carmen Anton, Renata Jazdzyk, Sylvia Collela and others.


Love for yourself at any age gives a woman self-confidence and makes her particularly attractive. This article is focused exactly on such mature beauties. Most of the women on this list started blogging after 50 years old and achieved excellent results. Their style is impressive and inspiring.


Carmen Anton





Let's start with this smiling Spanish beautiful woman, Carmen Anton, who started her fashion blog in 2014. Carmen admits that at the time of the creation of the blog "Cincuentayque", she only used her computer to search for recipes or to look at photos. She didn’t want to ask professionals for help, so she had to understand the basics of blogging, to comprehend the art of professional photography in a very short time. Another clear confirmation that it is never too late to start.


As a result, the blog Carmen Anton gathered its audience and later on appeared on Instagram and YouTube. Carmen's style is simple but attractive. She chooses laconic silhouettes and bright colors. Carmen also positions herself as a travel blogger, although subscribers are very interested in the lifestyle of the 55-year-old Spanish beautiful woman. Carmen responds very succinctly: to maintain a good body, you need a healthy diet.


Renata Jazdzyk





Renata is a fashion blogger from England with polish origins. Her fantasies can only be envied, there is always a lot of creativity in her looks. They can also be seen under the name of Renia. She mentions in her blog that she likes this abbreviation. The name of her blog is also the source of many questions - Ven's Wife Style. Although in reality it is very simple : she just really likes the name of her husband.


But the most interesting thing in Renata's blog is not the name, but of course her style. She likes to experiment with fashion, apply new trends to her wardrobe and try on very extravagant looks. She tries not to miss the fashion week in London, so there is a high probability that you have already seen her looks there. Keeping a fashion blog still brings her great pleasure.


Sylvia Collela





At the age of 18, she went to Paris to conquer the world of fashion and live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Over time, a career in the fashion industry has ceased to bring pleasure to Sylvia, but the French style won her forever. Silvia has kept in her heart the love to Paris but moved to Washington. She became a lawyer and maintains a fashion blog.

Sylvia’s wardrobe has many romantic and evening looks. Despite her career as a lawyer, she doesn’t often show business styles. But if you want to see positivity and French chic, be sure to check out her blog.


Zaklina Berrido Pisano



Perhaps the beautiful "grandmother" Jacqueline is the most popular person on this list. Her Instagram profile was a real discovery in the fashion world a couple of years ago. Jacqueline has Slavic roots, but her style is 100% Italian. Jacqueline loves feminine silhouettes, luxury brands and red lipstick. Each photo in her Instagram profile brings aesthetic pleasure. Jacqueline develops her own business, travels and helps in the education of her two granddaughters.


Cathy Williamson




Finishing our list is the Texas fashion blogger Cathy Williamson. Cathy communicates well with the three other fashion bloggers from this article. In her blog, you can often find collaborative photos where they try to create similar looks.

Cathy is fond of not only fashion, but also interior design and gardening. She appreciates comfort both in the house and in clothes. Most of her looks are casual, but thanks to the right color scheme and accessories, her style inspires thousands of women around the world.

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