Le Fruit Défendu NYC : Brand Story

Le Fruit Défendu see something in you | LFD FashionEveryday we walk through the streets, drink a lot of coffee, get amazed by the world and create stories. Well, here’s an interesting one we’d like to share with you:  "Le Fruit Défendu NYC" : our brand story brand story. From hell to heaven, our brand started off as a dream for Serena Yang, CEO and founder of “Le Fruit Défendu NYC”, and became a reality after years of hard work and creativity. It’s all about finding your true calling and going after it: and that’s how "Le Fruit Défendu NYC", custom streetwear clothing brand and an online platform of the best custom streetwear clothing brands, came to life. But we won’t leave you hanging here. Let’s dive into the specifics.

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Our style, Our philosophy

What represents our style can be concluded in one sentence: a great soul is a hermaphrodite. It might sound confusing to you at the moment but bare with us for a second. Today, with the idea of personal awareness awakening, unisex design emerged quickly as one of the hottest trends of the fashion world. If you think about it, sex does not define anything in the design process, it’s no longer a pattern. So what we do here is mingle elements of both sexes together and come up with an never-thought-of unisex designs.

“By combining sports enthusiasm and street leisure sense, a unique, sporty style is created, delivering an unyielding and relaxing spirit. The bright color match is dynamic and gives full expression to the restless street fashion. The series is rich in patterns and the inspiration comes from different types of black-and-white color design. In order to add more vigor to single items, letters with a sense of street are adopted for more straightforward express of self-attitude and display of personality.”          - Serena. Y

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