LFD Custom Streetwear for XY-GAMING E-Sport Team

Le Fruit Défendu

Besides great food and great wine, there’s also another reason most of us want to get up in the morning and face our days: clothes. Clothes that make us confident, that give us purpose. Clothes that let us express our souls. And here at LFD Fashion we’re a big fan of streetwear style. But most of all, we’re a big fan of creating custom streetwear clothing piece for individuals and teams. And if you’re in search of personalized streetwear for your wardrobe or if you’re looking for branded clothes for your team members, then keep on reading.

As you probably already know, streetwear is a casual clothing style, emerged from California surf and skate culture, which became global in 1990s.  It encompasses elements of hip hop, punk, sportswear and Japanese street fashion. Streetwear also helps stay unique and express your original style while reflecting fast-rising and fast-dying trends of fashion. And now, here we are.

Custom Streetwear and Your Brand Image

If you have a company and are trying to build your brand, another important factor to keep in mind is your brand identity and image in the minds of your customers. Keeping every element of your brand in sink is super important today. That’s why you have to consider your team’s clothing when they interact with your clients and whenever they’re visible to the public.

Care to go through some of our latest examples of custom streetwear for teams? 

XYG and Their Custom Streetwear Clothing

You know the online multiplayer battle royale game known to us as PUBG, which was the most popular computer game in the world.

LFD Fashion designed street style clothes for XY GAMING Electronic Sport Team and sponsored them to attend of the most famous PUBG games in Asia. And after some careful consideration and 5 design drafts, we ended up with the final design for their custom streetwear. It was important to us to express our fashion attitude and soul while keeping the custom satisfaction high.

LFD Custom Streetwear for XY-GAMING E-Sport Team-Le Fruit Défendu NYC

Here’s how the idea came to life: we combined the team’s logo, XYG, to ours. We kept the first letter of the team name, X: taking into consideration its visual impact, how cool it looks, it’s easy to remember and also expresses one of most important styles, Unisex. Then we added some elements of our logo and finally we got the finished look.

What’s great about our products is that we take quality very seriously and only use top-rated fabrics when creating our pieces. Also, we’re no fans of printing: all of our illustration are embroidery. We give great importance to details because those are what make or break the style. Most of the times the details we come up for our products are handcrafted. They keep the style of the clothes more real and lively. Our globally leading designers from NYC, who travel around the world and capture the hottest trends, are reliable for all the designs: making sure the custom streetwear pieces reflect your brand image and identity.

Moving on, in November 16, 2018 SteelSeries, the world's leading gaming peripheral manufacturer and e sports leader, announced a partnership with the XYG E-Sports Club. In order to maximize their clothing comfort and make them look amazing, let’s not forget about that too, LFD Fashion sponsored their major competitions. Check out how professional and trendy they looked.  

How to Get Your Custom Streetwear

We’ll continue to expand and create custom streetwear clothing not only for E-sport teams, but to get into the field of hip-hop, rapper  and be an unseparated part of the fashion week.

So if you have any custom merchandise and apparel needs we’re here to help. Already have an idea in mind that you want to bring to life? Great. Share it with our designers and they’ll create custom streetwear clothing for your brand. If you’re lost, that’s okay too. Our amazing designers from all over the world will create the designs for you.

You’re one step away from getting super personalized and unique streetwear for you or for your team.