Introducing Our New Season Collection

Out with the old and in with the new – it’s that time where your wardrobe is just crying out for a refresh. And what better way to do it than with a hint of sportswear inspiration? Express your edgy and rebellious ways with outfits that are worthy. That’s where our new season collection comes in…

Streetwear brands are in, but there’s something different about Le Fruit Défendu. Dark, adventurous and modern, our brand creates cool clothing that is accessible to all – there is no defined gender for our styles, just an incredible passion for street style. We all need an outlet to express our style identity and LFD is the groundbreaking way to do so, inspired by Japanese and European street style, this provides unique pieces that you will treasure. We’re not ones for blending in with the crowd – and why should we? What is stopping us from truly expressing who we are? And why shouldn’t we have a style that reflects this?

Black Street wear for women's - lfd Fashion

Throughout each collection, we strive to make it relatable yet singular. For us, there are absolutely no rules – we are rebellious souls, after all. To differentiate it from the usual trendy streetwear hoodies we see celebrities wearing and influencers gracing their Instagram pages with, we have incorporated unique design elements, making it more imaginative. It pushes boundaries – people will be in awe of your awesome street style, because it will truly stand out. There is no risk of blending in, because we understand that just like us, you seek new adventures, new feelings and therefore a style to match.

Oversized has been in for many seasons, because we have finally learnt that comfort doesn’t have to compromise style. It’s a trend that we love for our own pieces, that loose, relaxed fit enhances any outfit, making it look carefree and adventurous. Just take our iconic Drapeau de la Révolution Tee, it’s not just any ordinary tee. Quite the opposite! Its asymmetric hem and bold black and white stripe make it all the more innovative and revolutionary, despite its minimalist and comfortable feel.

White Tee for men's -LFD Fashion streetwear

Le Fruit Défendu seeks to be ahead of its time – urban looks that meet the unisex trends of today. Sex doesn’t define style, because style is universal, and has no limits in terms of accessibility. Certain pieces are represented on male and female models to show their versatility – color schemes, fonts and fits shouldn’t define the way you wear something. The attitude that you wear it with should do all the talking. You are your style, the clothes just work with you. We can see all of you rocking our Delicious Temptation Tee, there are no limits to what you wear, and we’re bored of the whole idea that “pink is a feminine shade”. Nothing is a feminine shade, your way of expressing yourself should take the center stage. This is why we have selected an array of shades that complement each other – allowing you to construct color block looks that achieve that urban feel you seek. Men’s and women’s streetwear are a thing of the past – modern dressing is for everyone.

Printed Streetwear Tee's for Women - lfd Fashion

The whole point of our new collection is to break fashion codes and rules that have been set by society. Society should not dictate who you are but how you dress – you are the leader of your own individuality. There are no limits to who you are, and this should be the same in the way you dress. You shouldn’t feel oppressed to be something you are not. You should be as unconventional, thrill-seeking and unique as you should desire to be. We allow you to do so with high quality fabrics that are breathable and wearable, we use the softest cottons for you to truly feel at ease in our selection and we promise sustainable pieces at an affordable price. Unlike our competitors, quality is important to obtain the best results possible at a fraction of the price. We luxe it up!

Eye-catching designs are at the soul of Le Fruit Défendu– we combine swagger and simplicity to create a look and feel that will remain timeless. Our Escape From Eden T-Shirt has a simple front design but has a more retro feel to the back with a photo collage and mirrored text. Streetwear has opened itself up beyond skaters and surfers, it’s all-inclusive, and all about causing a stir, making a move and having a strong identity that will translate itself throughout time and evolve with you.

Black Graphic Streetwear Tee's for men - Lfd Fashion

“Streetwear is so many people’s go-to each day because dress codes have become so much more relaxed,” Harvey Nichols menswear buyer Lara Djandji told Fashion Beans. “The amount of customers looking for tailoring has decreased as more and more people are wearing jeans with a jacket to work, and those who previously wore jeans are now more inclined to shop for a tracksuit”. This would lead you to think that streetwear may perhaps be uncool, a Sunday morning get-up, but those days are long gone – streetwear is luxurious and elegant, despite its loose cuts and bold slogans. Our Heartlines Tee features red and white stripes on the shoulder for a sportswear detail but can still be worn day-to-day, mixed with other sportswear or mixed with tailoring for a more playful vibe. The thing is, there is a difference between loose and baggy – we know getting that balance is ever so important to perfect your look, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Our passion for providing urban and flattering fits is translated through the boxy fits of our cotton t-shirts and oversized hoodies.

Black Tee's for men - LFD Fashion Streetwear

Focusing on everyday wear, LFD aims to create a sense of excitement when you try on your new pieces. That magical feeling that you feel each time you wear LFD, creating a shift in your style that feels more authentically you. Our gorgeous pieces are out now, and waiting to be discovered and experimented with. We can’t wait to see you finish off your slick looks with a little touch of Le Fruit Défendu.