Le Fruit Defendu – Exceeding Customer Expectations through Customization

Creating unique clothing of high quality is at the heart of Le Fruit Defendu’s approach to one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the fashion industry – customization.

To begin with, we encourage clients to let us know their specific requirements. These include an overall theme, followed by colors, styles, sizes and fit.

The design process will then involve one or two design drafts to enable the customer to feel confident with the process and proposed outcome. And only once they are totally satisfied with all these elements will we proceed with production.

A Case Study 

 A customer approaches us with a commission to produce clothing based on the classic 1942 movie Casablanca. The look is epochal, conjuring cool, chic images of structured dresses and smoky rendezvous; romance in grainy black and white to the theme of ‘As Time Goes By’.

Casablanca Movie - Lfdfashion

Initially we look to understand the customer’s needs more precisely – is the look modern with a vintage vibe or should it be modelled on the classic silhouette? What kind of fabrics does the customer have in mind and where will the items be worn?

Once a clearer picture has emerged, a first draft enables us to sketch out some of these ideas with notations, allowing the customer to make suggestions or even major changes to their original blueprint.

This leads to a second draft that incorporates these modifications. It includes greater detail relating to the shape of the garment and different sizing options before we move to the final draft and production.

Meeting Your Needs

Of course, designs will be determined by your exact needs. These could be for sports or casualwear, items that are themed for events or have specific cultural relevance, such as our work with the XY Gaming E-Sports team for the prestigious PUBG Games in Asia. This was a multi-draft collaboration that began by combining elements of both our brands’ iconography (the letter ‘x’) and a street-savvy theme (see below)…

Black and White Casual Wear - Lfdfashion

Size Chart - Lfdfashion

… to produce the final garments: street-inspired, unisex attire that makes a great impression in a youthful gamer environment and can – of course – be worn pretty much anywhere else.

At Le Fruit Defendu, our work is underpinned by the belief that there are only a few good reasons to get up in the morning – the chance to slip into fashionable, comfortable clothing being one of them. And we do get up to serve that purpose – to create designs inspired by our expanding customer base or – in our collaborations with major brands – working behind the scenes to make customized clothing to high specification.

The principles always remain the same. We pay attention to detail and listen to what our customers want; utilizing our design expertise with an eye for what works best.