Fashion Trends and Tips

Summer is in full tilt and fall is on its way. Whether you follow haute couture or prefer to put your ear to the street, this guide will fill you in on the latest fashion trends in 2019. Each trend will include tips to improve the piece’s wearability and wardrobe staying power.


Overall, the women’s side of the aisle is seeing a return to the classic 80’s style. There is also a California-infused beach scene making its way through the SS19 fashion shows. Finally, the bucket hat has staked its claim on the world. Let’s take a look.

80’s Puff Sleeves and Shoulders

The classic 80’s puff shoulder got a refresh this season, this time with a more modern cut at the waist. The structured sleeves contrast nicely with the flowing dress seen here on Selah Marley.

80’s Puff Sleeves and Shoulders Le Fruit Défendu

How to Wear It

Puff shoulders or sleeves are a great way to break up a silhouette without going over the top. You can keep them as the centerpiece of an outfit or use them to add some interesting lines. It’s simple: the bigger the sleeve, the more eye-catching it’ll be.

Puff shoulders are highly versatile. You can take them from crop tops to maxi dresses—even incorporate them into the suits later in this list.

bucket hats

Like it or not, bucket hats have been taking the fashion world by storm in the past couple of seasons. It seems they’re here to stay—at least for now. Their versatility shows in this matching snakeskin pattern on Rihanna.

How to Wear It

Bucket hats are a streetwear staple at this point. Pair them with your favorite bomber and joggers for an edgier look. You can take a lighter colorway to the beach. Pair the hat with linen and lace midi dresses or swimsuit covers.

It’s hard to go wrong with this piece. Give one a shot and you might find yourself eyeing a couple more before the trend is over.

Bucket Hats Le Fruit Défendu

Summer Suits

Casual suits are becoming an overarching trend in both women’s and menswear. The summer suit is a great way to dip into more casual fibers like linen and seersucker. Wear it to the office, then pull up the sleeves for a day out. Lyndsey Smith shows how it’s done with this linen suit by Le Chateau in Canada.

Summer Suits Le Fruit Défendu

How to Wear It

Summer suits can be worn almost anywhere. Pair light brown suits with off-white tops for a classic, warm look. If you’re feeling more daring, try something bold like sky blue or rosy pink in your palette. It’ll add a vibrant flavor to the outfit and keep things interesting.


Menswear has been dominated by west coast skate influences as of late. There’s also been a rise in utilitarian designs like the work shirt and cargo pants. Finally, casual suits continue to reign supreme and looser fits are everywhere.


Skate themes have made it all the way to the runway. Big names like Off-White and Y/Project have taken us back to the 90’s halfpipe with designs that are straight out of high school. Le Fruit Defendu has a skate-inspired piece below.

Skate Themes Le Fruit Défendu

How to Wear It

Skate is about getting as loose and grungy as possible without looking like a slob. Don’t be afraid to scuff your sneakers and bust out those light-wash jeans. Big, bold graphic tees and larger cuts are everything here.


Is this the return of the cargo pant? Utilitarian designs have become more popular over the past few seasons. The rise of streetwear has moved menswear in a more pragmatic direction, so the emphasis is on comfort and utility. Work shirts, chore jackets, and yes—cargo pants continue to trend upwards.

Utilitarianism Le Fruit Défendu

How to Wear It

In the summer months, choose light, synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. Cargo pant-jogger combos like the one above can hold you over until the chore jackets and boots come out in the fall.

Relaxed-leg Trousers

Another rising trend in menswear is the looser cut for trousers. The look can create a more interesting silhouette. It stands out from the typical athletic-cut single-break trousers you see every day.

Relaxed-leg Trousers Le Fruit Défendu

How to Wear It

Dickies has the right idea with the pants in the image above. There’s no need to go over the top and buy harem pants; a simple cut like this one will do the trick. Roll the cuffs or find a shorter cut for an extra-trendy look.

Women aren’t the only ones relaxing the traditional suit. Pair your trousers with a matching blazer for a fresh style. You can also take the utilitarian approach and combine them with a chore jacket.

Final Thoughts

These are the hottest trends that combine runway fashion with street-savvy looks. For more ideas, head over to