Why it’s time to choose streetwear fashion

There are the crazy hairdos, freakishly long nails, elegant heels and the incredible street style. We all find ourselves lost in the midst of fashion, just like we run around in circles trying to find ourselves. And there’s a funny link between our need to find ourselves and street style. The core motivation of streetwear is to let people express what’s within them, without hiding anything, without following strict rules. And it's a great road to finding yourself. But for now, let’s go back a little and learn a bit about the history of streetwear fashion.

According to Trendalytics, the evolution of streetwear started from 1970’s California social movement defined by the laidback surf style of Shawn Stussy, the founder of Stüssy. Today, it’s a mainstream global category estimated to be valued at $309 billion. Stussy is known as the godfather of streetwear who only started off by selling handmade T-shirts out of his car boot and look where we are now.

You probably already know that streetwear was also greatly influenced by the hip-hop culture. And it didn’t take long for street style to make its way to NYC. Not too different from today, clothes were loose fit and baggy back then with the motivation of giving the hip-hop dancers the freedom to play with their awesome dance moves. Then something amazing happened: Nika and Adidas, the amazing brands, jumped on board, pushing the style even further into the mainstream and all over the world.

What was left for streetwear to win over the world’s heart? Luxury fashion. But as you know by now, streetwear put its foot fixed in pop culture. Then, influencers and strong figures like Kanye West and Virgil Abloh took it all to a new level: breaking down all the barriers between luxury and street style. Moreover, the astonishing collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme shook-up the industry. And we’re expecting more.

And that’s enough about the road streetwear had for 1970’s till now. What’s more important is how the style makes people feel. CEO and founder of the most fashionable streetwear label in New York City- Le Fruit Défendu NYC, Serena Yang, says, “ Streetwear is a way to express your attitude. And I’d say that underground culture is more popular nowadays than it has ever been before.”

Furthermore, the style let’s designers be freer than they ever were. “As a designer, I love streetwear because it lets me bring my artistic ideas to life through printing, strong words and bold slogans. At the same time, it lets me create pieces that give comfort to my clients’ bodies and souls.”- Serena Yang

If once one’s sexuality played a big role in fashion choices and how they felt while dressed, today it’s different with street style.  Yang says, “If we get into more specifics, with the emergence of streetwear fashion, women can leave their high-heels and tight dresses behind and free themselves with street style. In fact, going to fancy events with dresses and mini skirts is so past. The new trend is a piece of clothing with an aggressive slogan and an eye-catchy printing.”


The state of streetwear today is at an all-time high. This genre in fashion doesn’t stop to further develop and redefine itself. What’s in the core of the style is its continuous reflection on cultural shifts. And let’s not forget about its one amazing characteristic: there are no rules and it’s not defined by any trends. It doesn’t matter what root it takes from now on, streetwear fashion will always have cultural roots and it’s most important motive will be individual expression and freedom.

What we admire about streetwear while moving forward is the fact that it isn’t influenced or reflected by bold ad campaigns and celebrity spokespeople. Then, by what, you ask? Our beloved social media is the de facto platform for consumers to explore and discover streetwear and understand its influences.

What we’d like for you to take from this article is that streetwear will never die. And don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to be naive. The thing is, streetwear might not look the same over time, it might also not feel the same, but it doesn’t change the fact of how it’s going to make you feel when you’re dressed.

So if you’re one of us, trying to find yourself, always searching for answers, always looking for self-development and self-actualization, then streetwear is for you.