Your Streetwear Brand: “Le Fruit Défendu NYC”

Le Fruit Défendu NYC Streetwear | LFD FashionWhat happens when you want to mix classy with edgy, when add a little bit of funky, and when that’s not enough, sassiness takes a part in the combination? That’s what “Le Fruit Défendu NYC”  keeps in mind when creating custom streetwear clothing pieces for you.

One of our biggest missions is to capture the psychology of our customers of pursuing personality and offer fashion clothing pieces that express their unique self-positioning and self-identification.


Le Fruit Défendu NYC

“Quality constitutes the soul of our brand. We stick to choosing the top-class fabrics and high-level technology, and possess a top-bottom production chain. By setting up cloth plants, printworks and garment plants, we turn designs into reality professionally.”

                                                                                                        - Serena .Y


The orchestra behind the curtains: our team

Today, we’re a pioneering brand of contemporary fashion and have a globally leading designers team in NYC. Inspiration is the most important factor for us when it comes to crafting new clothing items. That’s why our designers absorb the latest fashion trends when travelling all over the world, with stips in the hottest fasihon capitals. And then we’re able to create unimaginable things.

We also have a photography team from Tokyo and Paris: we take photography very seriously. After all, that’s the only way you get to know our clothing pieces and that’s how you fall in love with them. We do everything in our power to demonstrate our custom streetwear products in the best light possible, while not hiding anything from you.

Moving on, we also have our own brand of fabric factories, printing factories and cooperative factories all over the world: and that’s how we guarantee the highest quality possible.

The team at Le Fruit Défendu

Personalized custom pieces

What you might still not know about our brand is that our clothing items are highly personalized: there’s only one item from each product in stock. When you buy a piece you’re the only one who owns it. And isn’t that an amazing feeling?

We also offer styling advice to our customers to help them understand themselves better and be able to express their soul through fashion. This is one of the most important aspects of our brand and that’s what gives us the motivation to go forward.


An online platform with the best streetwear brands

Le Fruit Défendu - The Best Streetwear Brand

We’re also an online buyer website: here you can find the best custom streetwear clothing brands in the world combined in one place: from female streetwear clothing to male streetwear pieces, from urban streetwear to modern streetwear. It was of crucial importance for us to create a safe environment, where our customers could browse through, find the brands they love, compare and contrast and choose the best custom streetwear clothing pieces that represent their personality and reflect their soul. And so, besides our own creations, you can also find different custom streetwear brands on our platform.